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Number of Research Papers Published Increasing in Recent Years

Selected Papers in 2020

  • AAAI 2020 x 1
  • PerCom 2020 x 1
  • ICASSP 2020 x 2
  • SDM 2020 x 1
  • MobySys 2020 x 1
  • SOUPS 2020 x 1
  • KDD 2020 x 1
  • CIKM 2020 x 1
  • UIST 2020 x 1
  • INTERSPEECH 2020 x 2
  • SIGSPATIAL 2020 x 5
  • EMNLP 2020 x 1
  • ISS 2020 x 3
  • COLING 2020 x 1

Yahoo! JAPAN Research

An overview of Yahoo! JAPAN Research that plays a central role in our activities alog with academic publications.

Yahoo! JAPAN Research
Date founded
April 1, 2007
Head of Yahoo! JAPAN Research
Akira Tajima, Ph.D.


Head of Yahoo! JAPAN Research
Akira Tajima, Ph.D.

With its mission of “UPDATE JAPAN”, Yahoo! JAPAN is trying to make Japan more convenient. Yahoo! JAPAN Research, which is supporting this effort with leading-edge technologies, is working on the research and development of the next-generation of Internet technologies. Given that various devices are used in different everyday life situations, and the collection of a variety of data continues, Yahoo! JAPAN Research’s goal is value creation leading to next problem-solvings by further deepening our understanding of individuals and trends in the world. Yahoo! JAPAN Research is broadly collaborating with Yahoo! JAPAN’s service divisions, and several universities and research institutes, in order to achieve maximum results from the valuable environment that is the enormous amount of data collected daily at Yahoo! JAPAN and feedback from the customers using its services every day. Yahoo! JAPAN Research also runs an internship program for undergraduate students in anticipation of broadening their research and development career and opportunities. Yahoo! JAPAN Research also has a policy of actively publishing the results of its research and development activities. We disseminate not only the results of joint research performed with universities, but we also recently started providing information about the results of our collaboration with development teams on Yahoo! JAPAN’s services side. For the latest information regarding these results, please check here.