カンファレンス (国際) Multiwave COVID-19 Prediction from Social Awareness usingWeb Search and Mobility Data

Jiawei Xue (Purdue University), Takahiro Yabe (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Kota Tsubouchi, Jianzhu Ma (Purdue University), Satish V. Ukkusuri (Purdue University)

28th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD2022)


Recurring outbreaks of COVID-19 have posed enduring effects on global society, which calls for a predictor of pandemic waves using various data with early availability. Existing prediction models that forecast the first outbreak wave using mobility data may not be applicable to the multiwave prediction, because the evidence in the USA and Japan has shown that mobility patterns across different waves exhibit varying relationships with fluctuations in infection cases. Therefore, to predict the multiwave pandemic, we propose a Social Awareness-Based Graph Neural Network (SAB-GNN) that considers the decay of symptom-related web search frequency to capture the changes in public awareness across multiple waves. Our model combines GNN and LSTM to model the complex relationships among urban districts, inter-district mobility patterns, web search history, and future COVID-19 infections.We train our model to predict future pandemic outbreaks in the Tokyo area using its mobility and web search data from April 2020 to May 2021 across four pandemic waves collected by Yahoo Japan Corporation under strict privacy protection rules. Results demonstrate our model outperforms state-of-the-art baselines such as ST-GNN, MPNN, and GraphLSTM. Though our model is not computationally expensive (only 3 layers and 10 hidden neurons), the proposed model enables public agencies to anticipate and prepare for future pandemic outbreaks.

Paper : Multiwave COVID-19 Prediction from Social Awareness usingWeb Search and Mobility Data (外部サイト)