カンファレンス (国際) What Web Search Behaviors Lead to Online Purchase Satisfaction?

Yuki Yanagida (Tsukuba univ.), Makoto Kato (Tsukuba univ.), Yuka Kawada (Hyougo univ.), Takehiro Yamamoto (Hyougo univ.), Hiroaki Oshima (Hyougo univ.), Sumio Fujita

15th ACM Web Science Conference 2023 (Web Science 2023)


This study investigates the relationship between web informationseeking behavior and post-purchase satisfaction. We examine web search logs as a record of web information-seeking behaviors and product ratings in an EC site as self-rated post-purchase satisfaction. Our analysis revealed that web search behaviors are different for satisfied and dissatisfied customers, and even for different types of customers and products. In particular, we found that (1) within a week prior to the purchase, satisfied users more frequently searched for a wider range of product-related information than dissatisfied users. (2) satisfied users searched with more specific queries than dissatisfied users prior to the purchase, especially when they are relatively familiar with web search and purchasing a relatively expensive product. (3) customers looking for opinions of others are more likely to be satisfied with their purchase. Furthermore, we also addressed the problem of predicting customers’ post-purchase satisfaction based on theirweb search behaviors before and after the purchase. This attempt demonstrated that customers are likely to have different levels of post-purchase satisfaction if they conducted different types of web search.

Paper : What Web Search Behaviors Lead to Online Purchase Satisfaction? (外部サイト)