CONFERENCE (DOMESTIC) 非日常的イベントにおける位置情報と検索情報を用いたユーザの興味の抽出

日暮 立, 坪内 孝太, 齋藤 恵二郎 (日本放送協会), 森野 周 (日本放送協会), 麻生 重樹 (日本放送協会)

2023年度 人工知能学会全国大会(第37回) (JSAI 2023)

June 09, 2023

Since it has become possible to collect location information using GPS-equipped mobile terminals, there has been a great deal of research into understanding user characteristics by utilizing that location information.In this study, we propose a method to extract information that users want to know by using web search behavior data and location information associated with users.We show that the proposed method can extract information that users want to know at the time of a disaster and analyze it more precisely than existing methods.

Paper : 非日常的イベントにおける位置情報と検索情報を用いたユーザの興味の抽出 (external link)