カンファレンス (国内) ニュースアプリにおける閲覧記事の多様性とユーザーアクティビティについての考察

佐々木 明, 大倉 俊平, 小野 真吾

2022年度 人工知能学会全国大会(第36回) (JSAI 2022)


In this paper, we investigated relationships between the diversity of news articles and various user activity by analyzing user logs of a popular news app. Following previous study, we quantitatively define the diversity of consumed news articles for each user by using vector representation for each article. We found that users with high diversity are more likely to continue using the app and consume a higher number of articles and visit the app more often in the future. We also found that the use of various logics with different degree of personalization which are responsible for placing articles in the app play a role in determining diversity for each user. We conclude that the diversity of consumed news articles becomes higher when the users consume news articles demonstrated by multiple logics in a well-balanced way. This study implies that encouraging users to consume diverse contents may result in increase of active users and user activity in the long run for a web service.

Paper : ニュースアプリにおける閲覧記事の多様性とユーザーアクティビティについての考察 (外部サイト)