カンファレンス (国内) 多様なデータの統合に基づくマルチドメインナレッジベース構築基盤

山崎 朋哉、真壁 拓也、西 賢太郎、西本 智浩、岩澤 宏希

2019年度 人工知能学会全国大会 (第33回) (JSAI2019)


Knowledge bases play crucial roles in a wide variety of information systems, such as search engines and intelligent personal assistants. For responding constantly fluctuating user information demands, we aim to construct a large-scale and well-structured multi-domain knowledge base from the world’s evolving data. In this paper, we discuss enterprise-specific issues with knowledge base construction and present how to deal with these issues in our construction system. To maintain the quality of our knowledge base at the production-level, our construction system is carefully designed to incorporate various automatic and manual validation methods. We partly leverage manual validation methods to deal with business requirements and user feedback quickly since it is difficult to filter out all incorrect facts automatically in practice. Our constructed knowledge base is already utilized in real-world Japanese Web services, and the number of entities in it keeps growing steadily.

Paper : 多様なデータの統合に基づくマルチドメインナレッジベース構築基盤 (外部サイト)