カンファレンス (国際) Optimizing Stepwise Animation in Dynamic Set Diagrams

Kazuyo Mizuno, Hsiang-Yun Wu(TU Wien), Shigeo Takahashi(The University of Aizu), and Takeo Igarashi(The University of Tokyo)

21st EG/VGTC Conference on Visualization (EuroVis 2019)


A set diagram represents the membership relation among data elements. It is often visualized as secondary information on top of primary information, such as the spatial positions of elements on maps and charts. Visualizing the temporal evolution of such set diagrams as well as their primary features is quite important; however, conventional approaches have only focused on the temporal behavior of the primary features and do not provide an effective means to highlight notable transitions within the set relationships. This paper presents an approach for generating a stepwise animation between set diagrams by decomposing the entire transition into atomic changes associated with individual data elements. The key idea behind our approach is to optimize the ordering of the atomic changes such that the synthesized animation minimizes unwanted set occlusions by considering their depth ordering and reduces the gaze shift between two consecutive stepwise changes. Experimental results and a user study demonstrate that the proposed approach effectively facilitates the visual identification of the detailed transitions inherent in dynamic set diagrams.

Paper : Optimizing Stepwise Animation in Dynamic Set Diagrams (外部サイト)