ワークショップ (国際) Survey of RDF Storage Managers

Kiyoshi Nitta, Iztok Savnik(University of Primorska)

The First International Workshop on Large-scale Graph Storage and Management (GraphSM 2014)


This paper surveys RDF storage manager imple- mentations that belong to a kind of database system treating locally stored RDF triples. They are systematically classified accordance with the properties of single and multiple process technologies that include the following types: triple table, index structure, query, string translation method, join optimization method, cache, data distribution method, query process distribu- tion method, stream process, and resource sharing architecture. This classification is applied to 3store, 4store, Virtuoso, RDF- 3X, Hexastore, Apache Jena, SW-Store, BitMat, AllegroGraph, and Hadoop/HBase. While the classification structure is presented for each of them, detecting differences between them has become easy. The classification revealed that there will be room for further improvement of the efficient query process by developing multi- process technologies.

PDF : Survey of RDF Storage Managers