論文誌 (国際) YJRS at the NTCIR-13 OpenLiveQ Task

Tomohiro Manabe, Akiomi Nishida and Sumio Fujita

The 13th NTCIR Conference (NTCIR-13)


We participated in the NTCIR-13 OpenLiveQ Task in view of improving the baseline method, which is a linear combination of 77 features with different weights. We added three settings of extended BM25F as additional features, replaced the target function of weight optimization and re- calculated feature weights using 5-fold cross validation. Our run achieved the best Q-measure score among 10 runs in the offline test. In the online test, our run achieved the second-best total credit among 10 runs with slight difference from the best one due to its robustness. We also checked win-loss counts of our run against other nine runs for each page view. According to the results, our run won all other runs in statistically significantly large number of page views.

Paper : YJRS at the NTCIR-13 OpenLiveQ Task (外部サイト)