カンファレンス (国際) NTCIR-6 CLIR-J-J Experiments at Yahoo! JAPAN

Sumio Fujita

NTCIR-6 Workshop Meeting 2007 (NTCIR-6)


This paper describes NTCIR-6 experiments of the CLIR- J-J task, i.e. Japanese monolingual retrieval subtask, at the Yahoo group, focusing on the parameter optimization in information retrieval (IR). Unlike regression approaches, we optimized parameters completely independent from retrieval models so that the optimized parameter set can illustrate the characteristics of the target test collections. We adopted the genetic algorithm as optimization tools and cross-validated with 4 test collections, namely NTCIR- 3,4,5, and 6 CLIR-J-J.

Paper : NTCIR-6 CLIR-J-J Experiments at Yahoo! JAPAN (外部サイト)