カンファレンス (国内) Linked Dataと国内のデータ共有の動向

野本 昌子

人工知能学会 第38回セマンティックウェブとオントロジー研究会 (SWO)


This short paper reports global trends of Linked Data and recent topics of Open Data in Japan. In ISWC(International Semantic Web Conference), the leading conference for research on Semantic Web, the number of papers on Linked Data has continued to increase for the past three years. Japan was ranked #31 in the Open Data Index (2015). At a session in WebDB Forum 2015, a major conference for research on DB and Web in Japan, issues one faces in making data open were revealed.

Paper : Linked Dataと国内のデータ共有の動向 (外部サイト)