I wrote an article for the monthly magazine “Image Laboratory” on product search using image features

September 08, 2014

I’m Masajiro Iwasaki of Yahoo! JAPAN Research. I wrote an article on product image search using image features for the August issue of “Image Laboratory” magazine. The main feature is that the index for realizing proximity search for high dimensional data is structured as a graph. The article is a compilation of papers written over the past two years, so I think it’s easy to get an overview of the research. Please have a look at it. By the way, the technology introduced in this article is being applied in-house in many different ways, including on the product image search test site FashionNavi, so please feel free to try it.

Product Image Search using Graph Structured Index for Image Feature Search FashionNavi
Masajiro Iwasaki Yahoo! JAPAN Research
Image Laboratory August 2014 issue(external link)