Six posters presented at IBIS2016

November 19, 2016

We presented six posters, including multi-authored, at the poster session at IBIS2016 (The 19th Information-Based Induction Sciences Workshop). The workshop was held on November 16-19, 2016 at the Kyoto University Yoshida campus. We received a lot of feedback, and are now polishing them up with a view to having them selected for a top conference.

five posters on approaches with a view to service applications: ・近似最近傍検索手法によるExtreme Multi-label分類手法の改善  Yukihiro Tagami

・決定木学習後の Post-Selection Inference と精度検証  Shinya Suzumura, Yukihiro Tagami

・クリックフィードバックを用いた記事の地域性推定モデルの構築  Shumpei Okura

・検索キーワードの検索頻度を考慮した商品検索のランキングモデルの構築  Yuki Saito

・単語の分散表現の逐次的学習  Nobuhiro Kaji, Hayato Kobayashi

One presentation of a topic our interns are working with us on: ・ニュース・動画サービス間のクロスドメイン推薦における課題  Heishiro Kanagawa (Tokyo Institute of Technology) , Hayato Kobayashi, Nobuyuki Shimizu, Yukihiro Tagami, Taiji Suzuki (Tokyo Institute of Technology)