CONFERENCE (INTERNATIONAL) Fusion of Terrain Information and Mobile Phone Location Data for Flood Area Detection in Rural Areas

Takahiro Yabe (University of Tokyo), Kota Tsubouchi and Yoshihide Sekimoto(University of Tokyo)

2018 IEEE International Conference on BIG DATA (IEEE BigData2018)

December 10, 2018

Here we propose a novel method that infers flooded areas in real time by detecting anomalous behaviors of individuals using mobile phone location data. We are motivated in applying our method to rural areas that are costly to cover using cameras and sensors. To overcome the sparseness of mobile phone location signals in such rural areas, our method combines mobile phone location data with terrain information including the digital elevation model and river trajectory data. We evaluated our method using real world data from 2 severe floods in the rural parts of Japan and verified that our method is more accurate and has numerous advantages compared to conventional methods. This work presents the potential use of mobile phone data as a complementary, if not an alternative method for flood detection especially in rural areas.