Akihiko Sugiyama Yahoo! JAPAN Reeserch Project Researcher

A.k.a. Ken Sugiyama. Over 30 years of experience developing a wide variety of telecommunications, speech, and audio signal processing systems for consumer and network system products. In addition to proven record of adoption in products and international standards as well as publication and granted patents, marketing and sales experience to develop over 300 new contacts in the world in two years for technical licensing is unique as a research engineer. Once representing Japan for ISO/IEC MPEG Audio standardization, experiences extend to ITU and 3GPP standardization as a delegate. Guidance and encouragement for 5 successful young engineers and internship students to receive a Ph.D or Dr. of Engineering degree for what they have achieved under his supervision without being enrolled in a university course. 15-year teaching experience at local universities and supervision of 80 internship students. Published 39 journal papers (12 as the primary author) and 25 invited/tutorial papers in journals (17 as the primary author), presented 92 papers at international conferences (42 as the primary author), contributed to 17 chapters in books (15 as the primary author), drafted 4 Japanese Industrial Standards, delivered 115 invited talks in 49 cities of 18 countries, and received 17 awards. The sole inventor or a co-inventor of 217 registered patents in Japan, US, EPC, Canada, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, and Brazil as well as 6 registered trademarks. Fellow of IEEE and IEICE, a Distinguished Lecturer for Signal Processing Society (2014-2015) and Consumer Electronics Society (2017-2018), IEEE. One of the 50 members of IEEE Fellow Committee to finalize the recommendation for elevation to the Fellow of the world's largest engineering society.